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The Marinade with Jason Earle

Mar 20, 2018

Col. Bruce Hampton was a legendary musician, actor, producer, and all around nice guy. He was in Sling Blade, the Run the Jewels video for “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and that’s just the tip of his IMDb page.

Col. Bruce was also a musical pioneer and one hell of a nice guy. I had the honor of interviewing Bruce backstage at Suwannee Roots Revival 2016.

This was one of the first episodes we recorded for The Marinade. A lot has changed since then, from production to interview style, but we want you all to have a chance to hear this wonderful conversation. As was his way, he made me feel like an old friend. Rest in peace, Col. Bruce.

The music in this episode is from Deadman De Los Santos off of the forthcoming EP 'Deadman and Stranger.' The EP will be released on April 6th.